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We are building the Ultimate '64 GTO to Dominate the Foreign -vs- Domestic heads up races as well as the Big Money Bracket Races.

GoatZilla will bring Pontiac Pride to all involved and will be 100% Pontiac Powered!

GoatZilla will be powered by a Blown Ram Air 500 Injun on Alcohol.

This Monster has a 6.00 Competition tag and we plan on making good use of it! 

Want to be part of a record breaking team?

As you can imagine, this project eats cash like a goat eats everything!

Next time you're in the drive thru for a $5.00 coffee, think about the ADRENALINE RUSH you'll get from a 6-second pass of PURE PONTIAC POWER. Think about the Pride you'll feel knowing that you helped make that dream come true.

Everything helps and if you have a business, you can get a tax write off for advertising with us. If you don't have a business, you still get discounted or free GoatZilla Gear and photo opportunities.

Everyone who contributes will get recognized and rewarded!

Send us what you can one time, or as often as you can to our GoatFundMe account at the link below:

GoatFundMe GoatZilla 

Thank You For Your Support!