The Pontiac List Fast or Last 

We are creating THE PONTIAC LIST of the Quickest & Fastest PONTIAC POWERED cars in a wide variety of categories.

Just having a TOP 10 LIST regardless if it's a blown dragster or a full steel bodied car doesn't give us enough information.

We want you to be able to compare your car against similar cars so you know if you're on the right track.

WE ARE ALL WINNERS - We race Pontiacs!

You don't have to have the Quickest & Fastest Pontiac to make the List. There are going to be multiple categories and a place for everyone. If you think your car runs well for what it is, send us your info and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised!

We're not asking for your TOP SECRET camshaft profile or anything you don't want to share. But please share as much info as you're comfortable with.

Send the information listed in the list examples below. Verifiable ETs, car info, weight, tire size, cubic inch, HP & Torque (if known), fuel type, (pump gas, race fuel, Alky, Nitro) cylinder head type (D-port, RAIV, Edelbrock, Tiger, RAV, CV1) power adders (NOS, Blower, Turbo, etc.) include a few pictures too, then email to:

The more information we have, the more we can create a resource that will allow everyone to see if their combination is performing properly.

Of course, the List will let you see who's fast and what you can expect if you follow their example and/or budget.

Category Front Engine Dragster
Number 1
Name Glenn R. Lever
Contact Info 
Car Dragster
Weight 1600
Engine Bore/Stroke 462
Heads - Type & CFM Kauffman D-Port
Cam Type & Duration
Valve Lift & Rocker Ratio
Cam Centerline
Horsepower 713
Induction Blower
Fuel Type Alcohol
Tire Type & Size Slicks 12 X 31 X 15
Gear Ratio
60 Foot Time 1.193
ET 1/8 Mile 5.099
MPH 1/8 Mile 138.13
ET 1/4 Mile 7.986
MPH 1/4 Mile 166.56
Top Speed 166.56
Category Top Door Car
Number (this is all just an example)
Name Randy Repp
Contact Info
Year 1964
Weight 2400
Engine Bore/Stroke 496 4.375 X 4.125
Heads - Type & CFM Ram Air V 550/400
Cam Type & Duration Solid Roller 276/282@.050
Valve Lift & Rocker Ratio .920@1.85/.990@2.00
Cam Centerline 112
Horsepower 3500
Torque 1400
Induction 8/71 w/Holley Dominator EFI
Fuel Type Alcohol
Tire Type & Size Slicks 15 X 34.5 X 15
Gear Ratio 4.56
Transmission SuperGlide 4
60 Foot Time 0.999
ET 1/8 Mile 3.99
MPH 1/8 Mile 250.00
ET 1/4 Mile 5.95
MPH 1/4 Mile 330.00
Top Speed 330.00

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